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    Paul's Better Bakery Macarons, Box of 10

    $24.00 USD
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    Each 10-pc box of locally-made macarons includes a selection of the following incredible flavors:

    - Black Currant

    - Dark Chocolate

    - Lemon White Chocolate Ganache

    - Pistachio

    - Dark Chocolate Passion Fruit

    - White Chocolate Passion Fruit

    - Coffee Liqueur Dark Chocolate

    - Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Ganache

    - Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate

    - Mango White Chocolate Ganache

    - Raspberry White Chocolate Ganache

    - Milk Chocolate French Buttercream

    - Chocolate Covered Cherries

    - Pumpkin Pie

    - Cranberry Spice

    - Pecan Pie

    Macarons are made by Paul Harper-O'Connor of Paul's Better Bakery.  Intense, vibrant colors and mouthwateringly delicious flavors!  

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    Paul's Better Bakery Macarons, Box of 10

    $24.00 USD

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