Christopher Elbow 8pc Halloween Collection

Christopher Elbow 8pc Halloween Collection

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This collection includes these 8 different chocolate bonbons with Halloween images:


Fleur de Sel - Smooth, buttery caramel infused with French grey sea salt and possessed by a dark chocolate shell. A hauntingly familiar favorite.


Cinnamon - dark-as-night chocolate ganache infused with cinnamon


Dark Milk - a wickedly balanced blend of dark & milk chocolate ganache


Raspberry - monstrously delicious raspberry pâte de fruit with dark chocolate raspberry ganache buried inside a dark chocolate shell


Caramel Latte - caramelized white chocolate infused with espresso entombed in dark chocolate


Salted Banana - salted caramel blended with fresh banana puree


Passion Fruit - caramel with tropical passion fruit


Lemon Lime - caramel with lemon and lime